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How are you Redefining Realness?

Submit your fave selfie* and your name, your story and five words that define who you are in the caption section.

We will create a fierce graphic and share your story on I AM #RedefiningRealness.

Feel free to include your Twitter handles and links to your work so we can connect others to you! Thanks for being a part of this storysharing project!

*Tips to make your selfie standout:
- Frame the photo to show off your gorg face and neck
- The simpler, cleaner and more neutral the backdrop the better.
- Be yourself, face the light and SMILE!
-If you DON’T want to submit a selfie, just share your story or maybe even a video!

Please provide a photo that is at least 403 pixels wide and tall - we’ll do the rest for you.

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